Wordless Wednesday

Vacuuming in Slippers

This is how we do chores in my house

That Magic Moment

Oh yeah, that magic moment..

You know the one.


What Does News Start with?

What Does News Start with?

What Does News Start with?

So here’s a conversation that my family had in the car on the way home from lunch. Keep in mind, we homeschool and we’re working on the basics like sounds the letters make, spelling, etc.


I’ve Scarred My Child with Disney

I’ve Scarred My Child with Disney

Cruella DeVil

So I’ve scarred my child with Disney. Yup.

101 Dalmatians to be exact. More

My Son’s Prayer

So here’s how tonight’s bedtime prayer went. More

A Dog Treat Won’t Kill Him, Right?

A Dog Treat Won’t Kill Him, Right?

So Captain America has a bucket o’treats that we use for reward and in our training.

My son was pretending to be a dog tonight so his father offered him a dog treat from the bucket. You know where I’m going with this, don’t you? More

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