What Does News Start with?

What Does News Start with?

What Does News Start with?

So here’s a conversation that my family had in the car on the way home from lunch. Keep in mind, we homeschool and we’re working on the basics like sounds the letters make, spelling, etc.


I’ve Scarred My Child with Disney

I’ve Scarred My Child with Disney

Cruella DeVil

So I’ve scarred my child with Disney. Yup.

101 Dalmatians to be exact. More

First Time Fishing



So my little man has been asking about when we’re going to go fishing. More

The Last Few Days

I’m sure I’m not the only mom/wife/woman to have these things happen.

Maybe they’ve happened just like this, maybe just a few of them, or maybe spread out over a longer/shorter period of time.

But let me tell you about the last few days in my house. More

Family Pets

So most kids grow up with pets, right?

Some folks do dogs or cats (or both but I don’t understand that); some just do fish or maybe birds.

Maybe a few cows or goats if you live on a farm. Or a small pig named Madeline if you live at my parent’s house in the city (she’s cute but odd for visitors coming in for the first time). More


Life has a way of taking over our best made plans, doesn’t it?

I totally had a plan, a “schedule” if you will, of what my weekdays were going to look like. More

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