Thanksgiving Day Shopping


So I’ve heard a lot of people wanting to boycott stores that are making their employees work on Thanksgiving Day.

Here’s my opinion.

We are having my in-laws Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day around 2:30pm. When we’re done and cleaned up, it’ll be 5 or so. So if I go shopping, I’m not missing out on any family time (they will already be home).

The rest of my family doesn’t have their meal until Saturday, so again, we aren’t missing out or having to choose whether to eat dinner or shop.

I guess the bigger thing for me was this: I’ve worked retail and customer service (stores and phones both) over the years. I can tell you I signed up to work most holidays becauseĀ I got paid double or triple time!! I could work a few hours and get paid for a whole lot more! My boss would have to make me leave. And you know what? My family understood and even encouraged those who could take advantage of this deal to do it.

For me? I don’t see the issue in working on Thanksgiving. It’s not a religious day, young workers especially like the extra pay, and a lot of families celebrate on other days besides actual Thanksgiving Day! I respect those who don’t want to shop until Friday. I may or may not be shopping myself. I just think some people are treating Thanksgiving like Christmas or Easter (religious days).

Any thoughts? Maybe I’m missing something that I need to consider. Thanks!!


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