Manual Coffee Grinder {Review}

Manual Coffee Grinder {Review}

Do you love coffee? I do, as does my husband. Most of my family in fact!

We even own several machines/contraptions to brew coffee. Yep…we’re one of “those” families. And depending on the type of coffee you drink, you may need to keep a grinder on hand. Let me tell you about the one I tried recently, a manual coffee grinder by The Purple Tractor.


Hello Keurig!

Hello Keurig!

Hello Keurig!

How do I say Hello Keurig? Well, that would depend on what time of day it is. It could be grunts if it’s early in the morning, pleading for my caffeine nectar if it’s around 3pm, or with yawns as I wait for my late night work session motivating potion! More

My Keurig May Kill Me


I was given a Keurig K-cup machine from my father and step-mother for Christmas and we finally set it up. It would have been sooner but living in an apartment with a small kitchen, space is at a premium. So my lovely husband cleared off the top of the china buffet in my dining room/office last night and set it all up for me!

So why do I say it’s going to kill me?

Just since 8 a.m. this morning, I’ve had the Green Mountain breakfast blend, The Donut Shop coffee, a hazelnut blend, and now I’ve made a cup of hot tea! LOL Plus it’s within steps of my desk and not too far from the living room (and I spend the majority of my awake time in these two places). Luckily, we picked up some of the refillable baskets.

Now just to pick up decaf  things to drink!

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