Lantern Fest {Review}

Lantern Fest

As a family with a young child, we’re always looking for new and different experiences to have together. Although big trips can be a blast, they can also be pricey. So when I find a local, unique event that won’t break the bank, we try to check it out. So let me tell you about an event called Lantern Fest!


Marblehead Lighthouse State Park {Review}

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park {Review}

Lighthouses are a great piece of history and they have so many stories and legends attached to them. I’ve visited several around the country, and on my last trip to Sandusky and Marblehead, Ohio, I added another to the list. My family and I explored the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park! More

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

My son is 5 years old and during the middle of his T-ball games, he always announces when there’s a plane or helicopter (or bird) flying above. He loves to go to the airport viewing area too! So when we were offered a visit to the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio, we enthusiastically said yes! More

African Safari Wildlife Park {Review}

African Safari Wildlife Park {Review}

We love to visit our local zoo when the weather is nice and public school is in session. But besides from a few of the birds, I don’t think we’ve ever really fed any of the animals. So my family was thrilled when we visited the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, Ohio! More

Put-in-Bay {Review}

Put-in-Bay {Review}

While I grew up in Florida, we moved away before I was an adult so I have never experienced Key West or “island” living. I’m a bit scared of open water so that has certainly had an impact as well. But recently we got to check out Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. What an adventure! More

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center {Review}

Perry's Cave Family Fun Center {Review}

Recently, I was on a trip to Sandusky and Put-in-Bay, Ohio, with my family. We explored and had a lot of fun and adventure between the different places we visited! One of those places was Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center in Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island on Lake Erie. More

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