Get to the Point

Get to the Point

Being both a homeschool mom as well as an amateur artist, I’m always sharpening pencils! I’ve been using a small hand held sharpener but it takes a while to sharpen a single pencil and I’ve long lost the “lid” so the shavings go everywhere. Then I was sent a battery powered electric pencil sharpener that works like a champ and let’s me get to the point with my work!

Do you need an electric pencil sharpener that can go anywhere and handle any sharpening task? It’s time to consider our compact, easy-to-use electric pencil sharpener. It sharpens both colored and no. 2 pencils with ease.

Lightweight and small, this automatic pencil sharpener is a great choice for the classroom , businesses and home offices. It’s battery powered (*batteries not included), which means you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug it in. Paired with its durability and use for various pencils, that makes it the perfect choice for art classes that take place anywhere!

Performance is always a top priority, which is why this electric pencil sharpener boasts an auto-stop feature that protects hands and pencil points. For safety (kid friendly), the sharpener won’t operate if any part of its outer assembly is missing. For convenience, the sharpener automatically stops operating once a pencil is perfectly sharpened.

Automatically sharpens any #2 & color pencils
Creates a sharp yet durable point in seconds
Battery operated electric motor
Compact, lightweight, fast and convenient
Clean shavings with no mess
Eliminates wasted time
Extends pencil life
Kid and Adult Friendly

After I bought more AA batteries (we never have enough), I was able to pop them in and start sharpening!

My son, having only ever been homeschooled, hasn’t used an electric sharpener that we could remember. So every single pencil, both graphite and colored pencil, are NICE and sharp! LOL

Seriously, it’s a heavy duty pencil sharpener that handled every kind of pencil we through at it. It’s a little heavy, but easy enough to slip into a book bag or artist supply bag. Plus, the shaving collector is see through so I know when it’s time to empty it (and the shavings don’t go everywhere). It’s about the size of a small digital camera and it sits fine on our school/work desk.

I’d definitely suggest this battery powered pencil sharpener to any parent or artist that uses pencils on a normal basis or needs one to travel with them. And it will let you get the point, no matter where you are. You can buy your electric pencil sharpener on Amazon today.

Disclaimer: I received the product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links; this means if you follow a link and make a purchase, I may be entitled to some form of compensation.

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