Lantern Fest {Review}

Lantern Fest

As a family with a young child, we’re always looking for new and different experiences to have together. Although big trips can be a blast, they can also be pricey. So when I find a local, unique event that won’t break the bank, we try to check it out. So let me tell you about an event called Lantern Fest!


At The Lantern Fest, thousands of revelers join together armed with lanterns for one unforgettable spectacle. There will be music, dancing, s’mores and, when the time is just right, we will light the sky with our highest hopes, deepest regrets, and fondest dreams.

These lanterns are 100% biodegradable. Not to mention after each release we have professional “Lantern Chasers” that will make those armored truck driving meteorologists look like your local news’ weatherman. These lantern experts collect 90% of the lanterns after the event.

Historically lanterns were used to symbolize good fortune, request favorable weather, or to celebrate the life of a loved one, just to name a few. But here in 2015, we don’t care if you are turning over a new leaf or just snapping some sweet shots for Instagram.

Families and friends can dance to the music, roast marshmallows, munch on snacks provided by local vendors, and of course, watch the lanterns float away in an unforgettable release.

Each registrant will receive their own lantern as well as some other goodies.

Lantern Fest

Chances are, if you have kids in your life, you know a fairly recent Disney movie that had a few scenes of this lantern release party taking place. Ahem.

When I showed the video to my son who is 6, he was pumped! I explained that our tickets get us a lantern, a marker, a lighter, and a s’mores kit. The kids’ pass (ages 4-15) will receive a mini-flashlight instead of a lighter (thank you organizers). Kids 3 and under are free!

These Lantern Fest events are taking place at several locations around the country. We’re attending the Cincinnati/Louisville event on 10/10/15. I hope the weather cooperates!

You can buy your passes now and if you enter the code weghornlife10 at checkout, you can save 10% off your total purchase.

Be sure to check out the Lantern Fest website for more details!

Want to win a set of 4 tickets for your family? Enter the giveaway below; good luck!

Click here to enter!

Disclaimer: I received a set of tickets to aid in my honest and fair review of the event. But all opinions are honest and completely my own.

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