Apple Themed Crafts

Apple Themed Crafts

It’s that time of year! No, not for pumpkin spice (yuck!) but apples! We are starting to learn about them in our homeschool lessons and our co-op group is taking the kids on an apple picking trip soon too. So here are some of the apple themed crafts that we’re going to work on soon. I love that some of them are edible, some are for gifts and others are just plain cute!

Apple Marshmallow Pops – An edible apple but not the standard kind. This is a cute treat the kids could help you make and they would make an awesome party snack too.

Button Apples – Glue red buttons (or use green) on the template in the shape of an apple! I could see using these as ornaments, gift tags, or as “thank you” gifts.

Bubble Wrap Apple Stamps – What a creative way to use apple shaped stamps on paper to wrap presents or decorate a table.

Red Apple Painted Mason Jar Gift – I’m loving the “gifts in a jar” craze going around right now. I especially love ones like this that combine decorating and candy!

Mini Apple Beanbags – Although she cuts these with a die cutter, you could easily cut a few by hand and fill as beanbags. Plus, she includes a list of 11 activities to use them for with the kids!

Healthy Advent Calendar – A healthy and fun twist for an Advent calendar in which you send an apple with your child along with a note for the day’s “gift”, whether it be an extra outing to the park, a bag of candy at a movie, or to skip a chore of their chosing.

Apple Counting – Here is a free printable for Johnny Appleseed day (or any time really). The kids dip their fingertip into some paint then leave a fingerprint in each box according to the number. Could be a messy math/art lesson as well.

Make Your Own Apple Trees – Going to pick apples soon? Why not have the kids learn about the (basic) parts of an apple tree by making their own with just a few supplies!

Teacher Appreciation Thank You Gift Tag – Free apple shaped gift tags to send to your kid’s teachers along with a bag of treats or attached to a gift card.

Paint Stamping with Pool Noodles – Cheap craft using a pool noodle and some paint. These would be fun to use for fall decorating or place mat and name cards for the holiday table.

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