That Magic Moment

Oh yeah, that magic moment..

You know the one.

The giveaway, the oneĀ thing your kid does that you know is his/her signal that they are giving up the fight to stay awake?

Mine has a few that he goes through, depending on how he’s feeling, how tired, etc. He loves to have his back rubbed, under his shirt. Not patted, not stroking his hair, not over the shirt.

But the giveaway sign?

He will yell down the hall:

Can I get covered up again please??

When he asks for that 2nd cover up with his blanket, he’s toast within a minute or two. It doesn’t matter how many times we cover him up, until he asks for it, that’s the one that counts.

What about you? What do your kids do that let’s you know that they are finished? Let me know in the comments!


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