Taylor’s Resort {Review}

Taylor’s Resort {Review}

When we travel and need lodging, sometimes we stay in a chain hotel and sometimes we try somewhere different. This trip, that place was called Taylor’s Resort, a family run hotel/cabin set up along with a marina, pool and rec room.

A remarkable summer vacation is waiting for you! Come and enjoy a rewarding visit to the beautiful Marblehead Peninsula! Myra and Brad invite you to take a leisurely stroll down Taylor’s Lane to the doorstep of their delightful summer retreat. At Taylor’s you will find a secluded, quiet, family-oriented waterfront resort in the heart of Ohio’s vacationland!

Our many guests have enjoyed Taylor’s Resort for over 40 years! This peaceful two and one-half acre property is located directly on the tranquil waters of Sandusky Bay. Mature shade trees and delightfully landscaped grounds offer a lovely outdoor atmosphere. We have hosted many family get-togethers over the years and we’re always a favorite with fishermen who venture to our area to catch trophy-sized freshwater fish. Our many amenities and waterfront setting will make Taylor’s Resort the perfect getaway for your total vacation enjoyment!

The property offers two places to stay; a 5 room hotel with double beds in each room. Plus each room has an A/C unit, TV, microwave and a fridge. Plus there are grills and picnic tables you can use while you are staying. This would be a great way to save money by preparing some of your meals instead of going out to eat.

There are also 8 cabins to choose from as well. Each are 2 bedrooms and offer various bed configurations. I loved the screened in porch to help keep the bugs away and it was a chosen spot of the little ones with us to set up their toys and play without being underfoot. The bathroom is small, but you have a sink, toilet and shower stall so that’s really all you need.

Plus each cabin comes with a kitchen, including coffee maker, toaster, stove, fridge, etc. And pots, pans and dishes are stocked in the cabinets. You also have your own grill outside which is perfect for hamburgers, hot dogs or fresh fish from the lake. And the A/C unit keeps it cold enough to hang meat, which is awesome during the summer!!

At the end of the drive is Lake Erie. There are several boat slips as well as a few benches to sit and relax while looking over the water. There’s also a “walk in” area for swimmers and sun bathing.

The rec room is open 24 hours a day and has a foosball table, games, and a TV/VCR unit.

Checking in was a breeze and the staff was very helpful suggesting other local places to visit or eat at, especially since we had our family with us.

As a Mom and a traveler, I have to also mention a couple of things. First, the furnishings/decor is outdated. This wasn’t a problem for me; and I was thrilled that it was super clean. Secondly, the pictures on the website are not current. While this may not be a problem, it was different when we arrived and could be misleading. Lastly, although I understand it was “mating season” for the Lake Erie Watersnake, we were unable to swim in the lake due to the amount of snakes that were near the dock.

Not to mention we found one of them under a dresser in the bedroom. Yeah….no. This may not have been a problem for a group of guys or folks that would have just tossed him outside, but having mostly girls and younger folks at that, it was upsetting.

Overall, Taylor’s Resort would be great for folks that want to take their boat out for fishing and have a place to relax at night. The cabins are very clean and there’s plenty of places to sit back and enjoy the quiet. The pool and rec room also provide additional fun for families. If you’re looking for a place to escape from the “busy” of life, Taylor’s Resort fits the bill. Just beware of local creatures.

Be sure to check out Taylor’s Resort in Marblehead, Ohio, for your lodging options when you’re in the area.

Disclaimer: I visited here as part of a media tour through Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Make sure you visit their webpage if you’re visiting for wonderful ideas and savings! Thank you Lake Erie Shores & Islands!


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