Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

My son is 5 years old and during the middle of his T-ball games, he always announces when there’s a plane or helicopter (or bird) flying above. He loves to go to the airport viewing area too! So when we were offered a visit to the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio, we enthusiastically said yes!

Liberty Aviation Museum showcases operational, historical aircraft and vehicles, including “Georgie’s Gal” a WWII B-25 Mitchell Bomber, a U.S. Navy WWII TBM Avenger, PT-boats, and more. Witness the restoration of a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor and dine in the 1950s-era themed Tin Goose Diner.

This is a wonderful, working museum of all things aviation and plenty of military history as well. We were guided through the history of the local airlines (being a main transportation method between islands) as well as the evolution of safety procedures and advertisements.

One of the displays, for example, showed the progression of airline seats! Not something I’d ever given much thought to, but it was interesting to see the “process” as they changed over the years. Gotta say the first few chair models didn’t look comfy or safe!

Not only are there a ton of pictures and a video to watch in the main part of the museum, there are advertisements and signs for various companies and slogans from over the years. It was fun to talk about those with our tour guide and the kids to get their take on them.

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

Afterwords, we went into a hangar and checked out the Harvard IV (T6J): WWII Advanced Trainer which was a bright yellow giant! After WWII, it was used by the Italian Air Force up until the 70s when it was retired. You can now hire it for private events, fly-by’s and education programs!

Along with the T6J, we checked out a few antique cars and a motorcycle which were all in top condition and looked brand new! Our guide also told us that they hold Big Band events in this hangar where they have live music, dinner and of course, dancing. I wish we could have checked that out but we had missed the last one by just a few days.

Then we took a short walk near the airfield and got to watch a few modern planes coming and going, which was fun for everyone. We also got to check the outside of the flight tower; it’s open at certain times for the public to stand on the outside deck to get a better view of the planes.

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

Next up was the new hangar that was just opened a few weeks prior to our visit. Inside were various planes being constructed or worked on as we toured. One of them was the restoration of a 5-AT-B Ford Tri-Motor, historically known as the “City of Wichita”. They were actually finishing up with a few bolts before it would be flying over the island that afternoon for practice runs.

We poked our heads inside and got to see inside this “tiny” plane (relative to what we travel on these days). The work is beautiful inside and not the plastic and vinyl we see now.

On the rest of our visit, we got to look at military vehicles such as a boat, a few Jeeps, an amphibian truck and so much more. They also had examples of flags, pictures, handwritten letters and many other things that had been donated from various people and organizations.

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

Even Lt. Dan’s helmet from Forest Gump was on display!

We also visited the Tin Goose Diner for lunch, which is a fully restored vintage 1950’s diner, open 7 days a week. It’s located right on site, attached to the lobby.

This is a great place to stop as a family, as a field trip, or even for veterans to visit an awesome place of American and world history. The Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio, is a definitely must-see place the next time you’re in town. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest information.

Disclaimer: I visited here as part of a media tour through Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Make sure you visit their webpage if you’re visiting for wonderful ideas and savings! Thank you Lake Erie Shores & Islands!


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