Island Bike and Cart Rental {Review}

Island Bike and Cart Rental {Review}

I’m not a golfer and I’m not retired in Florida, the two main places I would have picked up experience driving a golf cart. But, that all changed when I was exploring Put-in-Bay, Ohio on South Bass Island in Lake Erie with the help of Island Bike and Cart Rental!

Cart Rentals
The island’s largest fleet of all-electric carts!  Besides being eco-friendly, our electric carts are clean and quiet!

With 2-, 4- & 6-passenger carts, we are sure to have a cart to fit your family.  Plus, we now have a “Call Ahead” policy: Give us a ring from either ferry dock & we’ll hold your cart ’til you get here! ( We’ll hold it w/a credit card, for up to an hour, at a pre-paid discount daily rate).

Bicycles and Child Transportation
Nicest selection of bicycles on the island! Single-speed coaster-brake bikes to fit all ages and sizes.

So getting around on the island can be tricky. There are paved roads and all, but very few full size vehicle parking spots around the main area where the restaurants and shopping places are! But there are a bunch of places to park your golf cart!

I think most people that are staying on the island either park their car on the mainland and take the ferry over, then use a golf cart to go anywhere they need to go. Or they bring their car with them on one of the ferry lines that allow that and then probably end up parking it for their stay.

The great thing about Island Bike and Cart Rental is they offer several sizes for golf carts for your party, plus you can rent bicycles to get around! They also offer tandem styles if that’s what you’re looking for. And with few cars on the roads, it makes for a decent bike ride as you tour the shops, homes and stunning views of Lake Erie.

Now, there is no A/C of course and no sides, in case of a rain shower. But…the roof overhead kept most of the sun off of us, and with the lake breezes, we stayed fairly cool too. I think if we’d run into a big storm, we would have found somewhere to park and waited it out. Hopefully that won’t be a problem on your visit.

I like the fact that the cart is electric and that made for a very quiet ride as we cruised around Put-in-Bay. I think I would have a radio installed/mounted if I owned a golf cart, but that’s just me.

You can find Island Bike and Cart Rental right off the dock for the Jet Express as well as near the Miller Ferry dock and at the downtown train depot. Be sure to call ahead to make sure they have a golf cart all ready for you, and with just a little paperwork, you too will be off to explore and check out all that Put-in-Bay has to offer.

Be sure to check out Island Bike and Cart Rental the next time you’re heading to Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie, whether you need a passenger golf cart or a few bicycles. Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Disclaimer: I visited here as part of a media tour through Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Make sure you visit their webpage if you’re visiting for wonderful ideas and savings! Thank you Lake Erie Shores & Islands!


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