Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates {Review} Part 2

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates {Review} Part 2

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate {Review} Part 2

Remember when I shared with you my post about Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates company? It was as good as it looks, my dear readers!

So my lovely and highly anticipated box arrived and caused quite a stir with the two males in the home. All the while, Mom was secretly counting the minutes for them to go to bed so she could inspect it up close and personal!

It was a lovely assortment of various chocolates, plus several full size bars of their popular flavors.

The box had something for everyone, from nuts to caramels, to chocolate and creme filled! I personally loved the mint flavored one (see the green wrapper in the picture?) and I thought the caramels were a very close second.

We also had a game going of guess the flavor before you take a bite! Sadly, my box didn’t have one of those “cheat sheets” in the lid or on the bottom, so it was a bit of a guessing game. But we made it fun anyway.

The chocolate bars were the Caramel Candy Bar, White Chocolate Almond Coconut Candy Bar, Mindy Mint Candy Bar (bigger version of the sampler) and the Dark Chocolate Almond Candy Bar. All of these were delicious and all of them were gone rather quickly! (I hid the mint one for myself, shhh)

These were gorgeous to look at when I first opened the box, and I would love to get a box of them as a gift any time! I’d recommend checking them out, creating a box of your favorite flavors (or just one if you like them that much) and sending them to yourself just because. Or a friend or loved one for a birthday or holiday gift.

Make sure you visit Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates and start ordering! And if you’re near North Salt Lake, Utah, you can even schedule a factory tour!

Disclaimer: I received free product in order to facilitate me in writing this review.


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