Merry-Go-Round Museum {Review}

Merry-Go-Round Museum {Review}

Merry-Go-Round Museum {Review}

I had a conference to attend in Sandusky, Ohio, and I heard about this merry-go-round museum that was downtown. I had to check it out with a few of my fellow bloggers and we were absolutely blown away!

The museum is the Merry-Go-Round Museum and it’s actually an old US Post Office building! The building itself is stunning from the outside and it’s a completely round building! We walked up the front steps and straight inside to the ticket booth.

We were met by their volunteer staff, explained we had tickets on hold and immediately were greeted with smiles and genuine warmth! We were taken on a wonderful tour of the various carousel animals on display in the front part of the building, while Judy, our tour guide, pointed out the 3 main types of designs on almost every merry-go-round that was ever built. Amazing, that it all boils down to 3, right?

Merry-Go-Round Museum {Review}

While our guide pointed out some of the coolest details (that honestly, I never expected to enjoy so much at a carousel museum) with us about the different animals, materials, and styles, we strolled around the displays and snapped probably a hundred pictures. And she was ready for any question we fired off and truly seemed to love her job.

Merry-Go-Round Museum {Review}

Being crafty like I am, my favorite part of the tour was getting to talk with one of the wood carvers that actually works out on the floor of the museum. This particular day, she wasn’t carving but painting details on this year’s Raffle Horse! It’s being done as a Halloween theme and I loved the details like the ghostly girl trying to grab the ribbons on the mane and the pumpkins on the saddle. You can purchase tickets online if you aren’t nearby by the way.

Finally, the show stopper was the fully operational, lights and sounds, merry-go-round that was in the center of the building. We’re talking dragons, horses, frogs, and even bench seats for everyone’s tastes. Your entry in the museum also gives you 1 free ride token which runs on the half hour during the hours of operation. Folks, I saw grandparents grinning ear to ear as they took their “seats” on the different animals all around the platform. Can you imagine what your children would do?

You can also visit the gift shop for all sorts of cute and sweet trinkets, mostly centered around merry-go-rounds and horses as well as rent out the space for a private event. They had pictures posted of couples getting married, surprise birthday parties, etc. How awesome would that be for your guests?

I can’t wait to go back the next time we’re in town. A “must see” destination of an art that most people take for granted.

Disclaimer: I received free tickets from Shores and Islands in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are completely honest and I seriously hope to go back again next year when we’re in town!


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  1. rywegh
    Sep 23, 2014 @ 11:36:41

    Sounds like fun. Maybe next time Ryry and I go up there we can give it a shot. He loves the merry go rounds!


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