Goodbye Doesn’t Have to be Sad

When I think of folks I know and love dying, my first reaction is probably sadness.

But usually, that’s just the first response. When all is said and done, I’m not sad.

I feel relief.

I know how harsh that sounds, but hear me out.

We recently lost a long time member of our church. He was an elderly man who loved to talk to folks, restore vintage cars, and spread the word of the Lord with everyone who would listen. His wife had died several years prior, and his health was deteriorating, but he did his very best to make it to the church, every time the doors were open.

His funeral was earlier this week, and while it was sad that this special man would no longer be at services with us, and his friends and family are grieving, it was hard to be sad.

I don’t say this to be cruel or ugly, or cause any disrespect to those that miss him and grieve him. I don’t mean it like that.

What I mean to say is…this man knew where he was going. He knew that this world was just his temporary home, and that he was heading for a bigger and better place than those he left behind. How can we be sad when we know he’s not suffering health issues anymore? He’s not missing his wife who passed on before?

How can I be anything but happy for that sweet old man?


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