Visit the SharkWall at the Newport Aquarium

Visit the SharkWall at the Newport Aquarium

Visit the Sharkwall at the Newport Aquarium

Have you visited The Newport Aquarium lately? Well now there’s an even cooler reason (as if you needed one); go visit the SharkWall at the Newport Aquarium!

I was invited to come check out the newest addition; a mural painted along the river-facing wall of the aquarium.

There were so many cool sea animals painted so far. We checked out the fish, sharks, turtles, eels, penguins, whales and more!

You can even follow along their progress by using #SharkWall on social media.

“Partnering with ArtWorks for this project provides a great opportunity for local youths in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities to showcase their artistic talents while developing their professional and life skills,” said Newport Aquarium VP/Executive Director Eric Rose. “The SharkWall is another example of Newport Aquarium’s continuous efforts to engage the community and we believe it will spark interest in marine aquatic life and conservation.”

With heights up to 35 feet and spanning more than 300 feet in length, the #SharkWall is ArtWorks’ longest mural project in the organization’s history.

The #SharkWall was designed by professional artist and Cincinnati native Roz Tallmadge, a 2006 graduate of Walnut Hills High School and former ArtWorks artist apprentice. Tallmadge will oversee a team of 10 local student artist apprentices that will work on the mural over a 10-week span. The apprentices began preliminary work on the #SharkWall this week. The project is scheduled for completion in August.


Not only did we get to see the SharkWall while the artists were still painting, we also got to meet Tilly! Tilly is a loggerhead sea turtle who has been raised at the Newport Aquarium and will hopefully be released this October in coordination with the North Carolina Sea Turtle Project. We learned in talking with the staff that they “glue” a tracking device (which will eventually dissolve in the water after about a year) to the turtle after they are released. Then they can keep tabs on the turtle as they make their way back into the ocean.

We loved getting to have a sneak peek at the SharkWall and meeting Tilly up close and personal. Thank you to Newport Aquarium and Jeff Geiser for providing us with this opportunity!

Disclaimer: While this activity is free of charge since it’s outside, my family was provided with private access to the mural, artists, and Tilly in exchange for a review about our experience. We were also provided free admission to the aquarium which will be posted in a separate article.


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