Ruth Hunt Candies

Ruth Hunt Candies

Ruth Hunt Candies

I stumbled on a great place today while picking up one of my younger sisters from church camp in Mt. Sterling, KY, called Ruth Hunt Candies. I’d never heard of them, but since we had some free time and they were open, my family decided to stop in and take a look around.

It all began in the kitchen of her Mt. Sterling, Kentucky home, where Ruth Tharpe Hunt served homemade sweets to her bridge club. In 1921 she decided to start a small candy business. Today, still located in Mt. Sterling, Ruth Hunt Candies remains a Kentucky landmark.

It’s a great store right off the main road and as you walk inside, you can smell the goodness they make in the back (candies and chocolates!). They are set up with aisles and shelves filled with things such as themed chocolate sets (think fishing, flowers, babies) and pecan pralines, malted balls, gumdrops, to gummy bears/worms, etc!

They also have a wall of bulk jelly bean dispensers where you are charged by the weight of your selection, but you can mix and match over a dozen flavors!

My favorite in the whole store was the glass display case by the register. It was filled with all sorts of chocolates, including sugar free options. You pick out as few or as many pieces you want, and the wonderful staff packages them up for you. It was $20 a pound today, but even after picking out almost a dozen different pieces, my total was about $6. That’s for handmade quality chocolates that are made on site! Here’s the kinds my crew tried:

  • Mint Meltaways, milk chocolate: delicious milk chocolate filled with a minty center; not too sweet and so smooth
  • Sea Salt Caramel, milk chocolate: nothing was overpowering, and the perfect mix of sweet with the salty flavors
  • Butter Chocolate: chocolate times two; small bite of milk chocolate filled with a smooth creamy chocolate center
  • Vanilla Cream, milk chocolate: a delicious mix of chocolate and vanilla (it should be noted my child ate without sharing)
  • Toffee, milk chocolate: great crunch of the toffee covered with a gentle coating of milk chocolate

Next time, I also want to try their peanut brittle, coconut mallow caramel, peppermint bark and their dark chocolate covered orange peel.

Besides an impressive selection of candy and chocolate, there were also a good number of other interesting items for sale. If you’re a UK fan like my family is, they have all sorts of things from t-shirts to flags, mugs and stickers and more. We bleed blue in my house so that was just the icing on the already sweet cake. They also have a wall of books ranging from cooking to fiction and magazines. Plus I got a kick out of their selection of hot sauces (pun intended) with flavors like garlic, sweet and spicy, and a few others that warned to try with caution and a glass of milk.

If you want to learn more about this great local company, you can go to the Ruth Hunt Candies website or find them on Facebook for more information. If you have time, ask about taking a tour of the on site factory! Whether you stop in for a few sweet treats or spend a few hours learning about this local treasure, I’d definitely recommend making the visit!

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Disclosure: This post was in no way compensated nor was I given any free product in return for a visit and review. This is just my honest opinion and narrative about my visit.


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