If It Said White People

Caught your attention?

It caught mine.

So we were at lunch enjoying sandwiches today. The place had a few TVs around, mostly on various sports channels, no problem.

Then a commercial came on. It showed good looking young men and women.

Again, no problem. It wasn’t sleezy or trashy.

But then the “point” of the commercial caught my eye, when it listed it’s website.

Something about where “Black People Meet” dot com.


My first thought which I immediately voiced to my husband across the table was:

If that website was where “White People Meet”, there’d be a riot!

Why is it any different? Why is it OK? Why can one race or group of people have a special dating website, club, etc but if it came back to the term “white”, it would be called wrong?

Please, don’t get into whites vs blacks or slaves or what have you. I’m not arguing history or the terrible things done to various races, religious groups, etc.

I remember when the first LGBT group was started at my former place of employment. When the idea was floated about starting a heterosexual group of employees with the same right to meet, distribute flyers, and so on, it was like we wanted to wear our competitor’s tshirts to work or prank call our CEO in Boston from our desks! HR thought folks were crazy!


Sorry for the rant. It just really bugs me that society in general is accepting of what is “different” but it’s not OK for all groups to form. I’m a straight, white, married female. Maybe I could start a few groups or websites for like minded folks. I wouldn’t exclude anyone that was different than me though.

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