The Last Few Days

I’m sure I’m not the only mom/wife/woman to have these things happen.

Maybe they’ve happened just like this, maybe just a few of them, or maybe spread out over a longer/shorter period of time.

But let me tell you about the last few days in my house.

  • Dog escaped his kennel while we were gone for a few hours, tore up the back of our door and part of the carpet
  • Son swallowed a nickel (husband has taken to calling him NickelBelly)
  • Son keeps wanting to dig through his poop to see if it’s come out yet.
  • Dog has decided he doesn’t like wet grass or snow, or being in his kennel if any of us are breathing
  • Can’t get motivated to do most things until I need creative punishments for my mouthy 4 year old
  • Get to ask my son repeatedly if he’s going to “frow up” anymore
  • Get to ask my son NOT to play with his “frow up” bucket
  • Have to answer my son several times that I don’t know when he’s getting a sister
  • Start researching if there is, in fact, an actual chill pill I can start taking

Surely it’s not just bad stuff. Here’s some of the other things.

  • I get to hear my son tell the dog they are brothers and he loves him
  • My husband took my complaints about my lack of space to heart and took me to Ikea to buy a storage unit
  • My son got to learn how to do chores with me
  • I worked on sight words with my son because he wasn’t allowed to play video games
  • I get exercise because the dog needs to walk
  • I am planning my husband’s college graduation party
  • My husband is interviewing for jobs to start in the next few weeks

It’s easy to forget the good because of the bad. I’m guilty of that. As I type these words, my son is out of bed yet again; and he’s watching the TV screen as I get on to him for getting out of bed.

I wonder if I have anything stronger than coffee.

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