Family Pets

So most kids grow up with pets, right?

Some folks do dogs or cats (or both but I don’t understand that); some just do fish or maybe birds.

Maybe a few cows or goats if you live on a farm. Or a small pig named Madeline if you live at my parent’s house in the city (she’s cute but odd for visitors coming in for the first time).

This may sound horrible, but I’m going to say it.

My family pets never lasted long growing up.

Over the years and in several different houses and apartments, we had various dogs, birds, hamsters, fish, etc. And each one met an early death OR never came home. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, really. It’s not like we were cruel to our animals. I think it was just a comedy of errors really, or not planning ahead when you go to open the door on the birdcage while cleaning it outside, things like that.

I do remember one particular incident when one of my parents accidentally dropped my tape player into the fish tank. While it was playing a tape. It electrocuted my fish, while I watched. Needless to say, they didn’t survive…but oddly enough, the tape player worked fine when it dried out. Go figure.

So now I’m grown up, married, and have a child of my own. We’ve had two beta fish; Mr. Fish (the original) and Mr. Fish (he really liked that name). The first Mr. Fish went on vacation while we were away on vacation. And the second Mr. Fish…well…my husband was trying to move him from his bowl to a clean cup of water so he could wash the bowl and the fish jumped/fell into the garbage disposal (he was doing it over the sink so he could pour the water down the drain at the same time). My son has excellent timing so of course he walks up just as his parents both freak out and quickly breaks down into tears, wailing that he’s lost his favorite fish, etc etc.

Folks, I had to hug my little boy as he sat on the toilet and sobbed and snotted on my shirt over the fish. I made up a story (thank goodness for Finding Nemo) about him swimming down the pipe and out to the water to catch up with his family. I don’t think he completely bought my tale, but it worked.

Now we’re looking at getting a dog. I don’t mind dogs; but I dislike dogs that aren’t trained very well. I get that dogs jump, and get excited, and have accidents. That’s fine. I’m talking about the ones who bark all the time, who don’t mind their owner, and basically take over the home like another child who thinks they are boss. Being the logical Mom that I am, I took the opportunity yesterday while my son was away on a playdate and my husband at work to check out a few dogs in the local rescue shelters. I didn’t want to have either of them “fall in love” with a dog, just to walk away empty handed.

How did this work out, you may wonder? Well…I didn’t come home with a dog. But I came close. AND while I was there, I got to personally witness an older gentleman break down as he turned his own dog in to be put down because of age and multiple health issues. The doctor couldn’t do any more for the poor dog, and she couldn’t walk, wouldn’t eat, etc. Wow…that was rough. And totally not what I signed up for, but it’s reality. On the bright side, I found several dogs I think would work for our current situation; and over the next few days, we will go visit them together to see how everyone gets along.

And if I had a big piece of land? I’d bring them all home. Seriously, they all just stand there and look at you through the fencing/cage and you can “hear” their thoughts as they tell you how good they are and they won’t chew up your shoes or pee on the potted plant. Just like the movie Milo and Otis, folks.

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  1. simplysherryl
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:47:57

    Awwww… and I am sorry for killing your fish! But I didn’t let the bird go and the cat ran away because of his hair cut! LOL wow… we have had a ton of pets with the seven of you kids growing up.


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