Life has a way of taking over our best made plans, doesn’t it?

I totally had a plan, a “schedule” if you will, of what my weekdays were going to look like.

Get up, hit the gym at the complex, coffee and breakfast, school work for the boy, lunch, rest time (love rest time!) while I get work done, then play time, dinner, bath, and bed.

Yeah. Here’s how it really worked out.

Alarm goes off…several times because I apparently can hit snooze without waking up. Get overhead light flipped on by 4 year old, wondering if he can use the Fire for Netflix and oh yeah where’s his chocolate milk?

Good morning, dear.

Zombie stumble down the hall to find the coffee pot, then make the boy’s cup while he’s happily watching Avengers or Power Rangers or something loud and annoying.

Curl up on the couch, with the intention of drinking my pot o’coffee and get caught up on the day’s news. Turns out that I wind up napping while my coffee gets cold and the boy turns the channel.

Fast forward through the rest of the morning, where video games are played while I stare blankly at my new website, trying to figure out what I want to put up today. Or shuffle papers around that never really seem to go anywhere. Tell the boy it’s time to work on school and he may or may not be happy about that.

Lunch. Food, this I can do just fine. Cartoons while eating, yep, that’s fine with me too.

Rest time…well about half the time I don’t get an argument or a 4 year old lawyer trying to plea bargain his way out of resting at all. Instead of working, I usually wind up watching my shows that no one else is interested in.

It’s 4pm and dinner isn’t started. Oh crap. OK, so scramble to get that taken care of while trying to keep my son entertained.

Dinner, last minute housework, argue/discuss/angry crying time leading to bed for a certain young man. But he does eventually drop.

Check with husband to see if he’s going to be working on school or goofing off so I can decide whether to work (play Candy Crush or on Pinterest) or catch up on recorded shows.

And finally head to bed at midnight, knowing my “rooster” down the hall will be up with or before the sun. Lovely.

Someday, I’ll get my schedule worked out and at least maintain a routine of sorts. For now, I’m at Life’s mercy. And most of the time, it’s OK.


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