More Snow

I hate winter.

I grew up in Florida and I think I was 14 years old before I saw snow in real life (not the fake stuff).

We’ve had snow and ice on the ground for weeks…and today, we’re getting another 4-6 inches with ANOTHER round set for late tomorrow night.

I could deal with the cold…OK, no I couldn’t, but I really can’t stand the snow and ice. It may be pretty in pictures and it’s great for the local ski resort. But for every day activities, you know, like driving, going to the store, or wanting to do anything outside of my front door? Not so much.

C’mon springtime. Then we can complain about tornadoes and thunderstorms!


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  1. Jenn
    Mar 06, 2014 @ 06:04:25

    We have been snowed-in since Sunday evening. The public school system here is closed all week. We still had school at home, of course. But some local businesses closed on Monday. And everything has just been kind of out of wack this week with the snow and ice. I completely understand how you feel!


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