My Morning Cup

Oregon Chai Latte

So my husband knows I enjoy chai tea lattes, whether I make them at home or get them at the local coffee places. I was first introduced to them at a local tea shop, Yesterdays Cafe & Tea Room here in Florence, KY. Like most coffee shops, they use a boxed concentrated mix, then add steamed milk. And it’s delicious!

The downside is you have no control over the amount of sugars since the concentrate is pre-made. I’m a Splenda kind of girl. Too much sugar makes me sleepy and/or sick, so I have to be mindful of what I take in.

So my sweet man brought me home a new product I’ve never tried before: Oregon Chai – Sugar Free Chai Tea Latte! So this is a liquid concentrate like the others, but no sugar!! Hallelujah!

oregon chai sugar free latte


I made my first cup this morning and used 2% milk and just a splash of half & half. A few minutes on the stove and voila! I would be hard pressed to find a difference between the brand I normally drink and this sugar free blend. And it’s about ten cents less than the other brand, so even better.

I wasn’t paid for this post and I bought my box, so this is my honest opinion here. Plus I get to show off the mug I painted at the local pottery place. I made one for me (MRS) and another for him (MR); plus UK and two entwined hearts.



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  1. Jenn
    Jan 19, 2014 @ 16:09:32

    I have tried one tea latte: a chocolate chai tea latte. It was very good! I was really surprised. I will definitely have more chai tea lattes in the future.

    Very nice of your hubby to think of you. I love one my husband gets me little things. It shows he is paying attention to what I like and he’s been thinking of me. Keeps the romance alive. 😉


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