Getting Caught Up

So after a busy holiday season and a vacation that took us to Florida, I’m glad to say I’m finally starting to feel better.

It’s not 100% yet. But I’ve gotten 4 treatments of Iron and my first major B12 injection. But I’m losing that always exhausted feeling, the irritation level has gone way down, and my ice chewing has dramatically decreased. I wonder now if that part isn’t just losing the habit of it, time will tell.

I finish the rest of my treatments this week, so I’m hoping by Monday I should really feel the maximum benefits. The B12 will be on going, basically once a month boosters given at home.

In other news, my husband has started his last semester of college! Less than 4 months to graduation, and I don’t know who’s more excited, him or I! It sounds like the last graduating class this past December found nursing jobs very easily and had offers even before they graduated so fingers crossed! He’s got his schedule set so he even has 2 days a week of no classes, so he’s not gone every day.

Yesterday, I started going back to story time at the local library with my son. It’s about an hour long, and they are read stories, do songs and dance activities, and then a craft or play in the sensory table for about an hour. It’s with kids his age, and he normally has a blast. He’s missed it over the winter break, so he was pumped when I told him it was back in session. Plus we go back to the bowling league this weekend for him. It’s cute watching 4-7 year olds learning how to bowl. You can definitely tell who’s parent(s) bowl. Several of the kids do better than I do, and they aren’t hitting the bumpers even though they are put up for the game.


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  1. Jenn
    Jan 19, 2014 @ 16:14:33

    I am glad you are starting to feel better. I didn’t now you were under the weather.
    Yay! for your hubby for his last semester of college! How exciting! So I take it he’s in the nursing program? My parents are retired nurses. 🙂 There is always work in the nursing field! He should have no problem finding a good job, especially with as an RN. He will do very well! Congrats!

    Very cool about the library program. There is a Mommy-Baby Lap Sit program at the Army library. I am hoping to start taking my little one and bring my older children so they can also use the library to read, play on the computer, etc. Then afterward we can meet my husband for lunch!

    It really does feel good to get out of the house a couple of days during the week. 🙂 Have a good homeschooling week! xo


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