Cake Boss Event

I was recently given two tickets to the Cake Boss event at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. My husband and I attended, along with my Mom and sister (Wendy). Several local bloggers were given these tickets so most of us all set together in the same area.

Decent seats! Plus they had a large screen behind Buddy and a hand held camera to show the close ups of his work as he was demonstrating techniques. Great music playing through the show, and no trouble hearing him talk at all. I was impressed honestly because I’ve been to other lecture/demonstrations in such a large hall and had been very disappointed afterwords.

We parked at the Fountain Square parking garage and had dinner first at the Rock Bottom Brewery. Made me sad that my county still allows smoking in restaurants and bars because you cannot smoke in Ohio. Anyways, dinner was fine and not high priced. Not being a beer or wine drinker, that part of their extensive menu selection didn’t appeal to me but certainly plenty to choose from! I had a blue cheese wedge salad and seared Ahi tuna slices with a sweet & spicy chili sauce. The honey had the fish and chips plate and a red ale. The fish was very good, but he didn’t care for the ale (even if the menu said it paired well together LOL).

We had already picked up our tickets for the event, but I can say there was NO line when we got to the Aronoff Center at 6:40pm for a 7:30pm show. We headed to our assigned “door” to enter and waited until they opened at 7pm. We had a good time talking with those around us who we knew (local blogger convention almost) and jamming out to the great tunes coming over the speaker system.

Buddy came on stage around 7:38, so he didn’t keep us waiting long. Great energy, wonderful demonstrations, and honestly told us which tools for cake decorators at home would be required and which you could do without. I really respect that, because he could have said everything was needed and you could buy it all from him. That makes me more likely to buy his items in the future, because he wasn’t shoving them down our throats when he could have. He had people on stage “competing” for cakes, cupcakes, and canolis (dancing, canoli filling, etc). A lot of laughs, great information, and very down to Earth. I wouldn’t have expected any different.

The show ran about an hour and a half and I honestly could have sat through another 90 minutes.

There was only one real negative to the whole event, and I’m not sure who was really responsible for it (Cake Boss or the venue). About 20 minutes into the show, some ushers started telling people to put their cameras and phones away. And they weren’t nice about it, and no you can’t ask them questions about why or who made the policy. It was not in writing (ie not on our tickets or the brochure or posted on the way in) and no announcement was made before the show either. What also really sucked was they weren’t telling everyone to put their phones/cameras away, only randomly it would seem. (PS Seriously you guys give out tickets to a bunch of bloggers and don’t want them sending tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pictures? For Real?) I am going to contact both the Aronoff Center as well as TLC/Cake Boss to see who’s policy was being semi-enforced. But if my kid or spouse went up on stage as he was inviting them to do, why would you tell me I couldn’t take pictures or video? Or in my case, I was sending Tweets/shout outs/thank yous to Cake Boss & Aronoff Center and got told very rudely to shut it off.

Honestly, I would have felt ok with it overall if it was enforced through the whole auditorium and not just as they decided who was going to get busted. I’ll update the post if I get a response/more information.

Now I have to restrain my urge to clear Michaels craft supply out of fondant and cake decorating tools! LOL


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