My New Favorite Tea


So I grew up in Florida. Sweet iced tea was always on the table, even in the morning (no judging) to go with the pots of coffee. When I met the man I would later marry, he drank iced tea like it was his job. To this day, he always has a drink in his hand…so much so that we call him the “camel”. Even on his nightstand is something to drink.

When I got pregnant with my son, I switched to decaf coffee and iced tea. It was difficult, but had to be done. Then things went back to normal. The only difference between now and when I was growing up is we are using Splenda or some generic version of the product instead of sugar.

But I found a new tea I like just as much from a place I’ve done business with for years. The website is Bulk Herb Store . I’ve ordered a number of teas and herbs from them and never had any problem. Recently I ordered Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew and I love it. I mainly drink it cold, but it goes down just as nice steaming hot. It’s made up of Red raspberry (helping strengthen the womb of a pregnant woman, and it is also reported to be effective in restoring the womb after delivering), alfalfa (extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. It has 8 essential amino acids), nettle (for bloating relief), and peppermint (for flavor and aid in digestion).  Personally I also toss in some Dandelion leaf to help deal with some anemia and water retention.

I’m not being paid or sponsored to write this post. Just sharing a product that I have come to enjoy daily. I can also tell you my 4 year old loves to drink it with me. I make his a little more “iced” than mine so he gets a lot of water too, but it’s our special tea. (Ha, get it?)

Long story short, take a look at their website and see what strikes your fancy. They also sell spices, herbs, and other helpful items to use around the house.


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