No Nap Days?

Do you start offering your young kids a choice whether to take a nap or not?

My son is 4 years old; admittedly, his daily routine is different than a lot of kids. He doesn’t go to day care, but is either home with mom or dad, or my mother and my teenage sisters will keep him for us.

On days he his home with the parents though, we usually offer him the following choice (if our schedule will permit):
Take a nap (at least an hour) and stay up until 9:00
Do not take a nap and go to bed at 7:30

Obviously, he chooses “no naps” most often and most days Mommy and Daddy can stand him until about 7. Then he starts whining and promising to take a nap tomorrow, etc etc.

Do other parents do this? Or are we just weird(more so than I know we are)?


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