Lava Lamp How-To

Lava Lamp How-To

If you were a child of the 60s or 90s, you probably remember those awesome glass jars filled with floating blobs of waxy color, seeming to bounce and float through liquid. Yes, I’m talking about the Lava Lamp! This week, I was looking for a neat idea to beat the heat and came up with a Lava Lamp How-To!


Bravo! Italian new location in Cincinnati!

Bravo! Italian

Hey Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky folks: BRAVO! Italian has it’s newest location at Rookwood! You don’t want to miss out on delicious food, an extensive wine and beer selection, and some of the best staff in town!! More

Must Have List

I think every mom (if not woman) has, or should have, an emergency or “must have” list. These are things that we seem to always run out of, but don’t think about restocking until we’re in desperate need of them!

Like…deodorant. I always remember to put it ON in the morning, but I rarely remember when I run out to pick up some more.

Or…tampons! Yep, you’d think there’d be NO WAY I’d run out when I know exactly how awful those weeks days are. But alas…

What’s a mom/lady to do? Keep her own emergency stash of course! Secretly. Like, not even tell the husband that we have this little cache stored away! Because the next time HE runs out of TP, guess where he’s going? It ain’t the store, ladies.

So without further ado, here is my personal list. Feel free to add to it in the comments!

  • Female products: I have the boxes of various items on hand (on display in the master bathroom, aka the “girls bathroom”) but I never remember to check the # left in the box. So I keep a handful (enough to get me to the store at some point that day) somewhere under the sink, just in case.
  • Toilet paper: Yep…Mom has an emergency roll stashed away for..well..emergencies!
  • Pantyhose: Cuz it never fails I have a run in every pair I own when it’s time to attend a funeral or fancy night out!
  • Chocolate bar: Does this even require explanation?
  • Starbucks gift card: Mom needs a special, expensive latte every now and then (when she’s alone of course)
  • Target gift card: Basically the same reason for the Starbucks gift card.
  • $20 bill: You never know when the urge for cupcakes or sushi will strike but you don’t want to leave a paper trail of receipts

Big Green Giveaway

 photo NON BGG Giveaway Graphic_zpshtz3ttjx.jpg

In my house, we’re trying to live healthier. I don’t want to make all kinds of changes at once, since it can be hard to stick to, but we are making small better choices over time! I’m so excited about the new website, Natural Organic Network, and the information they are planning to teach us. Plus they are having this awesome giveaway as a kick off! Details are below. Good luck to everyone!


My #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster

My #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster

I love getting free and/or new products in my mailbox to try! Recently, I got my #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster! Let me tell you all about the goodies inside!


Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates {Review} Part 2

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates {Review} Part 2

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate {Review} Part 2

Remember when I shared with you my post about Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates company? It was as good as it looks, my dear readers!


PeeWee’s Place {Review}

PeeWee’s Place {Review}

PeeWee's Place {Review}

I went to a local restaurant for the first time today; PeeWee’s Place in Crescent Springs, Kentucky. I wasn’t sure at first, but I was sold by the time I left. In fact, my son has already asked when we’re going back!


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