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Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans at the Albanese Candy Factory

Manual Coffee Grinder {Review}

Manual Coffee Grinder {Review}

Do you love coffee? I do, as does my husband. Most of my family in fact!

We even own several machines/contraptions to brew coffee. Yep…we’re one of “those” families. And depending on the type of coffee you drink, you may need to keep a grinder on hand. Let me tell you about the one I tried recently, a manual coffee grinder by The Purple Tractor.


That Magic Moment

Oh yeah, that magic moment..

You know the one.


Marblehead Lighthouse State Park {Review}

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park {Review}

Lighthouses are a great piece of history and they have so many stories and legends attached to them. I’ve visited several around the country, and on my last trip to Sandusky and Marblehead, Ohio, I added another to the list. My family and I explored the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park! More

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

Liberty Aviation Museum {Review}

My son is 5 years old and during the middle of his T-ball games, he always announces when there’s a plane or helicopter (or bird) flying above. He loves to go to the airport viewing area too! So when we were offered a visit to the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio, we enthusiastically said yes! More

Taylor’s Resort {Review}

Taylor’s Resort {Review}

When we travel and need lodging, sometimes we stay in a chain hotel and sometimes we try somewhere different. This trip, that place was called Taylor’s Resort, a family run hotel/cabin set up along with a marina, pool and rec room. More

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