It Begins (Keto Day 1)

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So today, we start out first Keto diet. My husband and I are going to try it for a month and see what we think, if we feel better, lose any weight, etc. We are both gastric bypass patients, so doing a lower carb/sugar diet is right up our alley; while both of us are no where near where we were prior to surgery back in 2007, unfortunately we’ve allowed the weight to creep back up.

No excuses. We know what causes it.

So today is Keto Day 1. Protein shake for breakfast. Large mug of coffee (splenda and heavy whipping cream) while I teach our son his lessons. Lunch is to be another shake, with a yogurt for snack, and this is for dinner:



I need to get more water in, that’s for sure. But small steps. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by putting so many requirements in place that one small slip would be a failure. And the shakes aren’t going to be for long term, but the easiest way to get started since I’m not a morning or breakfast person.

That’s all for now.



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