I’ve Scarred My Child with Disney

I’ve Scarred My Child with Disney

Cruella DeVil

So I’ve scarred my child with Disney. Yup.

101 Dalmatians to be exact. More

Kidecals {Review}

Kidecals {Review}

Kidecals {Review}

With our busy family, it seems we’re always going, doing, and seeing everyone and everywhere! Invariably, things get left behind (usually not my kid though) and unless we were at a friends or family member’s home, those items are gone for good. Until I got to try Kidecals! More

Goodbye Doesn’t Have to be Sad

When I think of folks I know and love dying, my first reaction is probably sadness.

But usually, that’s just the first response. When all is said and done, I’m not sad.

I feel relief. More

Visit the SharkWall at the Newport Aquarium

Visit the SharkWall at the Newport Aquarium

Visit the Sharkwall at the Newport Aquarium

Have you visited The Newport Aquarium lately? Well now there’s an even cooler reason (as if you needed one); go visit the SharkWall at the Newport Aquarium!


Free Computer Courses for Homeschoolers Only!


Great resource for free computer courses!

Originally posted on Easy Peasy All-in-One High School:

Here’s part of an email I received about an offer of free online computer courses. These are professional courses, each costing sometimes hundreds of dollars. I wrote back and forth with him and confirmed that this will be free for homeschoolers for the indefinite future and that it can be used multiple times by the same student. Please honor their generosity and do not post this code elsewhere online. He decided I should share it here and then point others to come here to get the code to access the classes. If you want to share this code with others online, please do the same and direct them to this blog post. This offer is for homeschool students only, not for adults. This is thousands of dollars worth of courses being offered us for free, so I really hope many will take advantage of it. This is not just for techie kids…

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My New Best Friend

My New Best Friend

My New Best Friend

I want to introduce you to my new best friend! No, this is not a sponsored post. And yes, this is a package of (huge) rawhide rolls. More

Fallen Behind

I’ve definitely fallen behind in my personal blogging world.

No one real reason, just life.

Here’s a quick run-down:

  • My son had a birthday and thinks that now since he’s 5, he should start losing teeth and be able to stay up late. Sorry, buddy.
  • The dog is getting bigger every day and eats like a horse. Weighs about as much as one too. Just bought him a new kennel and he and the boy could lay down side by side. Not quite sure where it’s going either…
  • My husband is working 2 jobs while he tries to get hired as a RN; who knew it’d be this tough?

My son still prays for a brother, sister, or a kitty every night. I just chuckle and tell him we’ll have to wait and see.

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